Develop Peak Performance in 15 minutes per day

Knowing that at conferences some people like to shop around and others want to go in depth, I propose a concept of 3 modules that can either be followed as separate half-day trainings but also as a full 1,5 day in depth training because each module builds on the previous one and can still be followed as a stand alone training.

Overall track title:

Develop Peak performance in 15 minutes per day

(for those who follow the 3 training modules)

Dr. Paul Koeck did intensive research on over 1.000 people over 2,5 years and will teach you “the key success factors” of his scientifically proven method. He could measure in his online software system what factors contribute to personal and professional development and will teach you the different “best practices” in simple practical exercises with a full self-help program to implement it all in the coming weeks and months after this great conference.


Training 1: How do I reduce my stress with over 77% in 15 minutes per day?

(3 hours)

After this training, you will have learned …

  • How to decrease your stress with over 77% investing 15 minutes per day during 1 month
  • Worry Blocker technique: How to stop worrying in 60 seconds
  • Satisfaction booster technique:  How to increase your life satisfaction with over 40% in 3 weeks (this technique even works for severely depressed patients, so certainly it will work also for you)
  • Sleep-fast technique: How to fall asleep faster for people with sleep disturbances
  • Scientific insights in the mechanisms that lead to stress, anxiety, depression and burnout.

Participants are invited to take the free online self test at and bring their printed scores to the traini

Training 2: How do I create a balanced and happy private life fulfilling my dreams in 15 minutes per day?

(3 hours)

After this training, you will have learned …

  • How to use 15 minutes daily self-reflection to continuously improve your life quality and happiness
  • How to improve your relationships with your beloved ones so that you co-create your dreams and future together
  • How to develop an action plan to fulfill your dreams


During this training, you will have …

  • Created a first draft of your action plan
  • Developed one goal to work on the coming 30 days
  • Prepared how to align your goal with your beloved ones

Training 3: How do I become a successful Leader-Coach in 15 minutes per day?

(3 hours)

After this training, you will have learned …

  • The difference between your role as a leader and a coach
  • How to communicate differently in each of these roles
  • How to create better results through people
  • How to lead your people to create measurable results in 15 minutes
  • How to coach people to develop their professional competence in 15 minutes
  • How to turn your leadership and coaching skills into habits in 15 minutes a day



Dr. Paul Koeck, ITF 133, studied medicines and specialized in sports medicines, hypnotherapy and systemic solution focused psychotherapy. He obtained an MBA (Master in Business Administraion) and while studying medicines, he obtained also a Bachelor’s degree in philosophy.

Professionally he words as a physician specialized in psychosomatic and stress related diseases, as a business & leadership coach within and as a researcher, founder and CEO in


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