The Coaching Program

The Coaching Program

1. Intake

During the first meeting with the coach, the participant will formulate his detailed expectations and priority goals for this self-coaching program.

Then the coach will focus on some concrete questions or issues from the clients’ every day reality. He assures that the client leaves the session with concrete insights and step-by-step tools. Each Insight and tool will be tested on the practical usability for the client. And this continues until the right solutions are found. This approach will motivate the client within the first hour of this session.

After the session the participant will discuss his priorities together with his line manager and/or HRM till all parties support the chosen priorities. This assures optimal commitment of the client and his management. The client and the boss make mutual commitment to create a 2 hour time slot weekly for self-coaching by the client.

2. Daily self-coaching

Every day, the participant will spend about 10 minutes to do his daily self-coaching using the online Coachteam® Tools to evaluate his progression on his ‘focus of the day’

  1. What did I do better?
  2. What did I learn today about communication?
  3. What will be my focus tomorrow?

3. Weekly self-coaching

Every week, the participant will plan a fixed two hour time slot – in agreement with his manager – for his self-coaching focus session.
This will consist of:

  1. Evaluate last week’s progression
  2. Choose priority and focus for next week
  3. Deepen specific focus on action points with the Coachteam progress tracker™

4. Monthly self-coaching

E-preparation: The participant prepares his learning objectives for the next meeting online and
evaluates progress in his different action points. He connects them to business priorities.

Worksession: The Coach guides the participant during 90 to 120 minutes to the next step. This
meetings will be scheduled at fixed time slots and will be organized at our offices or upon demand elsewhere.

E-summary: Within 24 hours after the work session, the participant summarizes he has learned and his action points online for proper follow-up and measurability of progress.

5. Quarterly evaluation

Every 3 months, the participant and his manager will evaluate the progression and report their
conclusions online to the coach as an input for the coaching sessions in the next quarter 1.

6. Follow-up

The participant uses his online Coachteam® Tools to continuously improve his skills. Eventually, after the intensive program, an extension can be negotiated with the direct manager and/or HRM. Several clients observe that a new talent in communication opens new possibilities for the participant within his team.

Used Techniques

Some of the techniques we will use during this program:

  • Solution Focused Questions
  • Reflection on one’s impact on others
  • Focus on the key message
  • Feedback learning
  • Multimedia, webcam & video to analyse and train non-verbal language
  • Mentorship for acquiring company specific expertise
  • Success modeling of outstanding key performers
  • Coachteam®E-coach™: dozens of online techniques and E-tools, developed by Coachteam® to help you learn faster and transform your skills into a durable habit