Self-Leadership Self-Coaching Program upgrades your competence

How will we upgrade your competence?

The Process

First you choose your Destination:

  1. you will discover your desired outcome
  2. you will align your destination with your Boss
  3. you will choose 3 focus priorities


Then you choose your desired Talent:

  1. what  do you want to know?
  2. What do you want to do?
  3. what do you want to turn into an effortless habit?
  4. what strategies do you want to develop?


During your Process:

  1. you will gain insights,
  2. leading to new knowledge,
  3. develop new skills, and
  4. turn your skills into habits, and
  5. organize your habits into a strategy,
  6. till you get measurable results, and
  7. reach your destination.
  8. Then you will consolidate your learning during follow-up,
  9. and choose your next destinatio


Steps & Timing

You will

  1. start your first actions within 24 hours
  2. see your first mini-improvements within 1 week
  3. see visible results within 1 month
  4. develop several skills within 3 month
  5. develop effortless habits within 6 months
  6. reach your next selfleadership level within about 1 year[1]


What Competence will you develop?

We help you develop any competence or habit you need for your journey to your destination. The figure below shows you just a sample of some competences or habits we can support. You see there will be different “layers of competence”. We will develop them one after another. Depending on your bottlenecks & needs, we shape for you a customized program to your specific needs.

Coachteam Laws:

Coachteam® Laws reflect our underlying self-coaching philosophy:

1° Coachteam® Law

People do more of what they like, desire or perceive as pleasure

People do less of what hurts or is perceived as pain


Solution Focused Coaching helps people …

  1. focusing on their strengths
  2. leveraging on their existing competence
  3. creating a context of pleasure
  4. building contexts of pleasure with, through & for others
  5. building thrust
  6. focusing on ADDED VALUE for the firm and its stakeholders
  7. creating and measuring financial ROI for the firm
  8. creating emotional ROI on their desires
  9. building self-organizing mechanisms and teams
  10. building self-learning through on-the-job experience


 Q(∑H) x Q(∑S) = Q(G)people                organization            output

2° Coachteam® Law:


Goldmine: The Quality of your firms total output equals the Quality of its Strategies (developed by its leaders) multiplied by the Quality of the Habits of its leaders and people.

[1] These are average lead times in our daily coaching experience. Variation is influenced by motivation and effort of the participant and support of his management.


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