Leadership Coaching based on your Self-Coaching Program

Leadership Self-Coaching Program

We coach your organisation to a higher level:

What is leadership? A Leader leads people towards goals beyond their expectations. A Coach helps people and leaders build the required competence.

Coachteam helps your leaders to build these leadership and coaching skills.

We developed a self-coaching program where your leaders will coach themselves towards this higher level of Leadership and Coaching.

In this program you will have:

  • daily 15 minutes of self-coaching your today’s performance
  • weekly session of self-leadership, priority setting and strategic reflection
  • monthly 2 hours of supervision from your business coach

As a result you will be more focused and:

  • daily achieve one important result through your people or team(s)
  • weekly realize one major business improvement
  • monthly develop one key competence and discover one or more breakthrough ideas and implement them

After one year you will:

  • have created a self-organising team
  • need only 30% of your time to get today’s results through your team
  • be leading higher-level projects in your organization
  • implement at least one major breakthrough for your organization
  • have insight in how to impact people, teams & organizations
  • have developped the required comptences for your next level leadership

Professional - Teamplayer- Manager - Director - CEO


What is Coachteam

Coachteam.com® wants to help people and organizations realize their Dream!

We will help you clarify your ‘Destination’ and formulate goals and steps towards your dream. We will help you adjust your strategy and develop competencesskills and talents. We will help you create your action plan, choose your priorities and keep focus to act. We will guide you until you reach your Destination and make your Dream happen.

E-Coaching & Video Coaching

Recent studies show that people have less resistance and more confidence to talk over the phone than during a live interview, when interviewed by a skilled telecoach. TeleCoaching, even more than any other form of live coaching, is structured by the quality of the questions of the coach. The coach asks questions in such way that the participant will be guided through a process of more clearly defining SMART goals, choosing the right competence, actions and behaviors according to this goal-attainment, and developing a concrete action plan, followed by exercises, home work and actions stimulated by your coach. Coachteam developed a coaching model for distance coaching, assisted by some online tools, which enable the coach and the participant to see the same results online simultaneously during their teleconferencing by telephone and possibly by web cam.

Executive Coaching

CEO’s and Top-executives create a tremendous leverage on the performance and survival of their organization. In a monthly 4 hour workshop the executive will improve the quality of his business planning process and acquire new competence to transform his organization into a self-organizing system, realizing strategic goals and business plans through bottom-up self-managing teams. As a result top executives create more free time for strategic long term thinking. Jim Collins discovered in his latest book that “Good to Great” companies are lead by ‘Level 5 leaders’. Coachteam created a “Level 5” Competence Grid © and specific coaching program for developing Level 5 attitude and behavior for senior executives.

Talent Coaching

Talent grows with focus. Focusing on your talents with your coach helps you develop new habits: Habits are the consistent and spontaneous execution of new behavior constantly over time. We offer you the development of this ability with fast and permanent results.

ROI of Coaching

Several studies administered by ROI-Guru Jack Phillips demonstrate extremely high return on Investment of professional coaching programs delivered by an external professional coach. Nortel  networks recently presented a ROI of 788% at the ASTD conference in June 2002. Most other publications using the Jack Phillips methodology show similar or higher ROI’s for one-on-one  coaching with a external coach.

Team Coaching

Since Coachteam chose not to step into the fun-business but to focus on measurable financial results , we will first coach the team Leader to coach his team. This is what we call second order coaching. Real change and learning only occurs when coming from within, using their intrinsic motivation!  We will always first start with individual coaching, empowering the team leader to create the desired change, and only then we will supplement his efforts with direct external coaching towards the team. This implies that the team has already observed positive effects of change before we arrive, and as a consequence, buy-in of team coaching is assured before starting!